Synective offers both tailored accelerated solutions as well as generic computational platforms, based on FPGA and GPU technology. Below we present two very interesting platforms from our partners.


Convey Computer

Convey HC1 and HC1ex

Convey’s breakthrough hybrid-core computing combines the economies and programmability of industry standard processors with the performance and efficiency of a FPGA-based, application-specific design. From the outside, an ordinary Linux server, but under the hood it has capabilities of accelerating computations with one or two magnitudes using four large FPGA coprocessors that are very tightly integrated with the CPU and memory. Convey was recently bought by Micron, but some of their legacy products are still availabe. Read more about them here.





DRC Computer

DRC has long experience of building effective FPGA based coprocessor solutions with tight integration between the FPGAs and the CPUs – they were the first company to offer servers with socket based FPGA coprocessors. DRC’s latest series of PCIe boards combine high performance, tight integration and ease of use in one of the best products on the market in its class. Built around the top of the line Altera FPGAs and with the commonly available PCIe interface, almost any server can benefit from these very capable coprocessors. Find out more here.