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The interest for iterative and incremental development (IID) has increased over the last decade and has driven the development of tools, for example unit testing frameworks, to support IID. These tools have not been available outside the software community which has prevented VHDL developers from using known good practices. VUnit, an open-source initiative for VHDL, closes this gap and in an easy way adds value to both new and existing projects.

VUnit is now available as open source on Github:


VUnit in brief:

  • Free and open source with an active and responsive community
  • A tool suite to improve VHDL testing through automation
  • Increases productivity by enabling early and frequent testing through automation
  • Scripting as well as command line support.
  • Multithreading for increased test performance
  • Python test runner that enables powerful test administration, can handle VHDL fatal run-time errors (e.g. division by zero), and ensures test case independence
  • Scanners for identifying files, tests, file dependencies, and file changes enable for automatic (re)compilation and execution of test suites.
  • VHDL test runner which enables test execution for not fully supported simulators.


  • Assertion checker library that extends VHDL built-in support (assert).
  • Support for running same test suite with different generics.
  • Logging framework supporting display and file output, different log levels, filtering on level and design hierarchy, output formatting and multiple loggers. Spreadsheet tool integration.
  • Location preprocessor that traces log and check calls back to file and line number.
  • JUnit report files for better Jenkins integration.
  • ModelSim and GHDL fully supported. Rivera-PRO and Active-HDL with full support in Q3-15.
  • Support for VHDL-93, 2002, and 2008
  • Support for both Windows and Linux


Continuous Integration



Youtube presentation:
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PDF presentations:
VUint Presentation FPGA Forum Feb 2015 (Trondheim)
VUnit Presentation ECS Nov 2014 (Stockholm)
VUnit Presentation FPGA World Sept 2014 (Stockholm)